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Your energy boost for electric mobility-related services
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Your energy boost for electric mobility-related services

We find answers to electric mobility questions for insurance companies, car manufacturers, fleet operators and mobility service providers, and help with the development of safe, intelligent products and services.

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    In the age of climate change, electric mobility is the great hope for safe and sustainable mobility for all. However the new technologies associated with it also bring new uncertainties that stand in the way of the rapid market penetration of electric vehicles. The Mobility Technology Center helps to assess new risks arising from the use and application of electric mobility. We support you in assessing the performance of electric vehicles and help to determine, predict and optimize the condition and ageing of high-voltage batteries. This creates certainty and increases acceptance among your customers!

    3 reasons why you should talk to us about electric mobility

    Greater transparency
    We create transparency as regards the performance and health of electric vehicles and high-voltage batteries.
    More sustainability
    We support you with resource-efficient use and maximization of the service life of electric vehicles and high-voltage batteries.
    Higher residual value
    We help to increase the residual value and value creation of electric vehicles and fleets and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

    From our electric mobility portfolio

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    The MTC makes profound predictions about the expected aging behaviour of high-voltage batteries in electric vehicles. These can be used as a basis for battery guarantees and residual value forecasts. The algorithm is based on fleet and laboratory data and takes into account specific usage profiles and climatic conditions.
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    The MTC offers a dynamic Battery User Score, which analyses the user’s charging, standing and driving behaviour in real time and provides individual suggestions for improvement. This gives the customer the opportunity to positively influence the remaining service life and thus also the residual value of the battery.
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    The experts at the MTC compare electric vehicles using state- of-the-art methods under real conditions and in practical usage

    scenarios. They make well-founded statements about, among other things, range, battery aging, consumption, charging behaviour and thermal management.

    From our toolbox

    We carry out the latest durability tests under controlled environmental conditions, using standardized but realistic load profiles. With continuously developed ageing simulations, we offer the highest standards and efficiency:

    • Planning, automation, performance and analysis of battery cell and module tests
    • System tests for battery management systems (BMS)
    Battery test chambers
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    We use state-of-the-art facilities to carry out comprehensive endurance and peak load tests on electric vehicles. For this, we rely not only on established usage scenarios (WLTP, NEDC) but also on methods that we have developed ourselves.

    We measure important criteria for electric vehicles, including power consumption, charging capacity, battery and cell temperatures, on a full vehicle test bench designed for speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour. Together with our realistic testing conditions, we therefore can precisely examine all the components that are important for electric powertrain.

    Test benches for electric vehicles and powertrains
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    We test and assess chargers, charging systems and charging infrastructures for you.

    • Basic and full testing of charging infrastructures, AC, DC, high voltage chargers, high-voltage robustness
    • Basic and full vehicle testing and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing
    • Test for communication standard such as PLC or IEC 61851
    • Further development of test cases and test bench applications
    • Test bench for electric motors up to 1,000 volts
    Tests for charging components and e-motors
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    Even the most innovative ideas for climate-friendly mobility need acceptance and confidence. Would you like to design your e-mobility product more safely, more sustainably and in a value-adding way? Our experts can provide answers and help you with individual, flexible, tailor-made solutions.
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