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Safe vehicle fleets for the new mobility of the future
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Safe vehicle fleets for the new mobility of the future

We identify and manage risks in your vehicle fleet for you. Our risk management solutions help organize fleet operations efficiently, flexibly and safely, with innovative offerings for the new mobility of the future.

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    Using instead of owning – the Netflix mentality is producing profound change in the car and mobility market, too. In an increasingly urbanized world, car sharing, ride-hailing or vehicle subscriptions are becoming more popular, while the number of people who actually have their own car is dropping. Consequently, the number of vehicle fleet cars is growing and the number of private cars is shrinking. At the same time, vehicles in fleets must be able to flexibly support various new mobility offerings. The changed ownership conditions and dynamic usage concepts for fleet vehicles present fleet managers and insurance companies with new challenges when it comes to assessing and managing fleet risks. This is the starting point for the MTC's range of services for new mobility.

    3 reasons why you should talk to us about vehicle fleets and new mobility

    Greater cost-efficiency
    Our portfolio helps you to reduce your operating costs such as insurance premiums or write-downs.
    Increased customer satisfaction
    Your end customers benefit from cheaper mobility costs and good vehicle conditions.
    Optimal availability
    With our risk optimization measures, you increase the safety and availability of your vehicles – and therefore your turnover.

    From our new mobility and vehicle fleets portfolio

    Ganzheitliche Risikoanalyse
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    With our risk analysis, we identify measures to reduce the risks of accidents and breakdowns in your fleet in a targeted way. For this, we evaluate your claims, accounting or driving data in strict confidence and analyze relevant business and logistics processes, including claims management.
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    Our experts rely on a comprehensive risk management catalogue to support you in selecting, prioritizing and realizing the most effective risk management measures for your vehicle fleet. Our implementation support ranges from hardware and software for telematics applications to conducting driver trainings. We can, of course, also help you set up KPIs to subsequently evaluate the success of the chosen measures.
    Individualisiertes Pricing
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    We offer support with individualized pricing for the motor insurance premium of vehicle fleets. For our data-based approach, we utilize usage data such as bookings, driving behavior or customer segmentation to calculate a dynamic risk premium. This allows insurers to make a more nuanced and granular assessment of the fleet risk, and ensures that fleet operators always pay adequate risk premiums.

    From our toolbox

    With our carefully selected data analytics tools, we process your data in strict confidence and identify patterns. We visualize results for you and identify the risk drivers of your vehicle fleet, thus enabling you to identify user groups, vehicle types or driving situations with a higher risk of accidents. We then jointly develop measures to optimize the risks. 
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    Using our well-founded risk management catalogue, we identify measures tailored to your fleet’s usage concept. These measures break down into three pillars: the segmentation of user groups, for example through background checks for drivers; the influencing of customer behavior through active feedback, bonus and malus incentives, for example; and, finally, technical restrictions such as usage or speed limitations.  
    Risk management catalogue
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    Safety is possible, even in the complex contexts of new mobility concepts. Through the MTC, you have access to sound knowledge and a broad network of experts who implement technical accident prevention solutions, from cameras to telematics solutions with real-time data transmission and processing. We are there to provide advice and assistance – with choosing providers, implementing your project and measuring its success. 
    Advice on accident prevention
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