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Your insurance in the digital mobility ecosystem
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Your insurance in the digital mobility ecosystem

We bring your mobility-related insurance products and services to your customers in a targeted way on the web, via an app or through in-vehicle infotainment systems, find the right approach and optimize the user experience at the digital touchpoint.

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    The bundling of coverages with other products or services is one of the biggest trends in the insurance sector. In property and liability insurance alone, package offers will account for around 30% of turnover by 2030. With mobility services too, the seamless integration of insurances into the customer journey can create real added value for customers. They can easily book a mobility service via an app or, before starting their journey, can comfortably get a tailor-made insurance cover via the car’s infotainment unit. Our experts in the Mobility Technology Center can help you to market insurance products and services in the digital mobility ecosystem quickly and easily.

    3 reasons why you should talk to us about digital platforms

    New room for innovation
    We place your offerings in new environments – booking travel insurance in a vehicle, for example.
    Greater reach
    We help you to market insurances with existing and new user groups.
    Stronger customer loyalty
    With a tailored digital approach during and after purchase, we help you to increase your customers’ loyalty.

    From our digital platforms portfolio

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    We advise insurers, car manufacturers and mobility service providers on the choice of products and services that are suitable for digital marketing via mobility platforms. Together, we identify relevant customer touchpoints and determine the context data, in order to offer insurance products in the right place and at the right time. 
    User Experience
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    An attractive look and feel is a decisive factor when it comes to communicating an innovative brand and product promise. We help you to organize your product’s design, handling and user experience simply and intuitively and reduce user interactions in the purchasing process to a minimum.
    Entwickler-Tools und Umsetzungserfahrung
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    We can provide comprehensive help with technical implementation, from simple white-label application development to API-based integration of sales channels and integration into infotainment systems. Our team has a wide range of experience, especially in designing an attractive user experience that meets all legal requirements.

    From our toolbox

    We work with a broad network of experienced developers. They support us with implementing your application, be it with simple white-label user interfaces or more complex interfaces and middle layers. 
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    How will your application look on an infotainment system? With our infotainment demonstrators, we can give you an idea of the user experience and at the same time display context-based use cases, using simulated driving data. We can then support you with successfully implementing and operating the application.
    Integration into infotainment systems
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    We support you with the certification processes of common screen mirroring solutions and optimize your application’s display and operating concept. 
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